Airline pilot in front of commercial aircraft

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Can cabin crew become pilots?

How do cabin crew become pilots?

Do you dream of becoming a pilot? Or perhaps you are currently working as cabin crew and are wondering if it is possible to make the switch to become an airline pilot. Can ex-cabin crew members make good pilots? Are…

A Pilot’s Worst Fear: The Sim Check

A look at the biggest pilot fear, simulators and the sim check

When you think of a pilot’s worst fear, what comes to mind? Smoke, fire, the unknown, even a fear of heights can be some top fears mentioned by pilots. However, if you speak to a commercial airline pilot behind closed…

What is a cruise pilot?

What is a cruise pilot? A look at second officers

Ever heard of a cruise pilot, or spotted a pilot on your flight with only 1 stripe on their uniform? They’re not a common term, but they do exist, and it’s an interesting, niche role, only available at a few…

Smoking in the Cockpit: Can Pilots Smoke on Planes?

What are the rules surrounding pilots smoking on planes

There is no doubt that smoking cigarettes is a dangerous habit. Public attitudes to smoking have shifted, and the days when commercial airlines were filled with smoke are long gone… But what about when you’re a pilot? Can pilots smoke…

Do Airline pilots have oxygen masks?

A look at if airline pilots have oxygen masks and why they don’t wear them like military pilots

Picture a fighter pilot in the cockpit. It’s usually with an assortment of high-tech gear. Pressurised suits, full face helmets, and a full pilot oxygen mask system. Airline pilot cockpits look a bit more… well… relaxed! So, you might be…