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Meet your team of 3 aviation experts, helping you to understand more about the airline industry, and upgrade your flying experience! Flyingbynumbers focuses on topics ranging from the fear of flying, to behind-the-scenes crew life, and general aviation trivia.

Experts in our field, our content is up-to-date, strictly fact-based, and verified to the best of our knowledge. Our aviation experts have over 35+ combined years of experience in the business, and all remain current industry professionals.

Our goal with our writing is to help inform people about the ins and outs of commercial aviation. Welcome onboard!


Up-to-date aviation knowledge, by current aviation professionals


Professional advice to help combat your fear of flying, and streamline your travel experience

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A behind-the-scenes look at Cabin Crew and Pilot lifestyles — the good, the bad and the ugly!

Meet The Team

Airline Captain Josh flyingbynumbers bio


Airline Captain, Writer

Josh’s interest in flying began at a young age, and by 9 years old he had already decided that he would like to become a pilot.

Now a Captain with a flagship European airline — and with over 20 years of commercial flying experience — Josh provides Flyingbynumbers with an authoritative pilot’s view of the aviation industry.

Having presented fear of flying courses, and personally flown hundreds of nervous fliers, Captain Josh also provides a valued contribution to our articles relating to Aviaphobia.

Senior Flight Attendant Alissa flyingbynumbers bio


Cabin Crew Manager, Writer

Alissa’s career quite literally spans the globe! With experience working as a flight attendant in both private, and commercial jets, Alissa has been based in Europe, the USA, and a brief stint in the Middle East.

Now a Cabin Crew manager, and part-time writer, Alissa’s wealth of flight attendant experience provides a behind-the-scenes look at aviation from a customer-facing perspective. Alissa’s far-reaching career has exposed her to differing airlines procedures and recruitment practises.

Covering Cabin Crew lifestyles, flight attendant safety procedures, and helpful general flying tips, we tap Alissa’s wealth of experience to help you travel smarter.

Editor and frequent flier David flyingbynumbers bio


Frequent flier, Editor

Flyingbynumbers’ resident tech-guru, editor, and all around busybody, David’s helps keep the site together, ensuring all our articles remain accurate and up-to-date.

David also occasionally contributes to our articles, provides Flyingbynumbers with a passenger viewpoint. An experienced business traveller, David has clocked up thousands of hours flying as a passenger, and climbed the frequent flier ranks.

Before his high-flying career in the tech industry, David did briefly have a stint in the aviation industry, working as in Airport Operations for two years between 2003-2005.

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