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Fancy learning more about being a flight attendant? We’ve enlisted the help of our resident expert, Alissa. She has covered everything from The Best Subjects To Study To Become Cabin Crew, to How Flight Attendants Deal With Drunk Passengers Onboard!

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Want to know more about flying? Our articles from a pilot’s perspective draw from the huge amount of expertise of Josh — a current commercial airline Captain with a wealth of shorthaul and longhaul flying experience. In the pilot’s category, you’ll find informative articles ranging from What Is A Cruise Pilot? to Do Pilots Get Free Flights?

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The aviation industry is fascinating, but it can be mysterious! We use our insider knowledge to take a look at some of your questions and answer all things aviation here.

Ever found yourself wondering why don’t planes crash into each other? What happens if you take your dog on a plane? Or, if you’ve ever noticed those metal spikes on the end of the wing? Our aviation category looks behind the scenes of the aviation industry.

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