Boeing 737 max aircraft at Las Palmas airport

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Storm Warning: When Is It Too Windy To Fly?

Windsock showing approximately 25 kts of wind

Bad weather makes headlines, and causes chaos to even the best laid travel plans. In the eye of the storm, aviation typically fares the worst, with strong winds generating considerable delays and scattering aircraft and their despondent passengers across the…

Lightning VS Aircraft

A look at lightning versus aircraft and what happens if an aircraft is struck

Here at Flyingbynumbers, “What happens when a plane gets hit by lightning?” alongside, “Is lightning dangerous for aircraft?” Are two of our most user requested questions… And for a good reason. We appreciate when you’re happily cruising along watching an…

How far can planes fly?

How far can modern commercial aircraft fly?

Ah, the age-old question, often murmured by weary travellers crammed into coach with a stranger’s elbow invading their personal bubble space: “How much longer can this flight possibly go on for?!” The answer is… further than you think, and possibly…

How early should you get to the airport?

How early should customers arrive to an airport before their flight

Let’s face it, there’s something weirdly enjoyable about sitting down in the airport — perhaps with a nice cup of coffee or a cold beer — and watching frantic travellers running past! As a seasoned aviation expert with years of…

Why don’t planes crash into each other?

Two planes crossing in the sky — but how do planes avoid each other

When you’re flying as a passenger on a commercial airliner, it’s hard to imagine the level of coordination and planning that goes into ensuring your flight is safe. As this coordination is largely behind the scenes, airline pilots and flight…