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Do flight attendants have to be vaccinated?

Do airline crew such as flight attendants and pilots have to be vaccinated?

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the focus on vaccination policies within the airline industry has significantly increased. However, it’s important to note that vaccination requirements for cabin crew and pilots are not a novel concept spurred by the…

Is it OK to tip a flight attendant?

Is it ok to give tips or gifts to flight attendants for good service?

Tipping is a complex world. Once confined to receiving good service in bars and restaurants, the rise of tipping culture in many industries has seen tips expected by everyone from your hairdresser to the clothes store clerk you’ve just bought…

What do flight attendants say when landing?

what do flight attendants saying during landing

Typically, flight attendants make two announcements to the passengers during landing. One, slightly before touchdown, and another whilst vacating the runway. From a flight attendant’s perspective, landing announcements are some of the most important ones we make. Not only do…

Can flight attendants get married?

Can flight attendants get married?

As an experienced flight attendant, I’ve heard my fair share of myths and misconceptions about the job. One of the most persistent and surprising is the idea that flight attendants are somehow prohibited from getting married. However, as crazy as…