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A look at nurses vs flight attendant career paths and requirements

Flight Attendant vs Nurse: How Similar Are They?

Flight attendants and nurses are two careers that are frequently grouped together. Many workers straddle the two professions. Airlines have previously targeted recruitment campaigns at nurses, and it’s not uncommon to fly with part-time flight attendants that still maintain their…

Is cabin crew a permanent job, a look at flight attendant contracts

Is cabin crew a permanent job?

Cabin crew are an important part of the airline industry and play a crucial role in ensuring that passengers have a safe and pleasant journey. But are cabin crew permanent employees, or do they typically work on a temporary contract…

A look at the rules surrounding flight attendants giving blood

Can cabin crew give blood?

This niche question is covered in cabin crew initial training, as part of the aviation medical (AvMed) section. Like other safety critical roles, and ones that involve working at altitude, there are additional restrictions placed on cabin crew. Alongside strictly…