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Pilot job application typewriter

Is now a good time to become a pilot?

The aviation industry, like many others, has seen its fair share of turbulence over the past few years. The pandemic brought unprecedented challenges, but now, as the world begins to soar again, the perpetual pilot question arises — Is now…

Passport showing stamps but no visa

Do pilots need visas?

The short answer: Yes. Airline pilots, like other international travellers, are often subject to visa requirements, which can vary significantly depending on the destination country and the specific circumstances of their travel. However, that doesn’t mean that pilots (and their flight…

Aircraft overflying airport with many different types of parked planes

How many planes do pilots fly?

The Short Answer: Typically, commercial pilots are certified to fly only one aircraft type at a time. Modern jet aircraft are such complex machines that most pilots are only allowed to fly one type at a time. This means that…

UK flight crew licence and explanation of the different types of pilot licences

Pilot licences: ATPL vs commercial pilot differences

The world of aviation is full of acronyms and confusing terms, and the licensing requirements are no different! An aspiring airline pilot will collect licences ranging from a PPL, CPL, potentially even an MPL, before ending up with a “frozen”…

Windsock showing approximately 25 kts of wind

Storm Warning: When Is It Too Windy To Fly?

Bad weather makes headlines, and causes chaos to even the best laid travel plans. In the eye of the storm, aviation typically fares the worst, with strong winds generating considerable delays and scattering aircraft and their despondent passengers across the…

Man stood on weighing scales at a medical exam

Is there a weight limit for airline pilots?

I would like to become a pilot but I currently weigh 300 lbs. Will this be an issue? Reader question — FBN This is a question that frequently pops up from aspiring aviators, and revolves around a sensitive subject —…

Measuring tape: why pilots have height requirements

Why do pilots have height requirements?

Piloting an aircraft is a demanding job that requires a specific set of skills, training, and physical attributes. One aspect of these physical attributes that often raises questions is the height requirement. Many aspiring pilots wonder if their height might…

An explanation of airline pilot schedules and rostering codes

Airline pilot schedules

What’s the reality behind a pilot’s work schedule? Do airline pilots have a dream job with an envious work-life balance? Or are airline rosters a hard slog with endless jet lag? Today, we’re going to demystify these schedules by breaking…

How many checkrides can pilots fail in their careers?

How many check-rides can you fail?

If you don’t like exams, being a pilot is unfortunately not for you! The path to becoming a commercial pilot is a challenging one, fraught with rigorous training, high-stakes examinations, and the inevitable possibility of failure. Aside from aptitude tests,…