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Measuring tape: why pilots have height requirements

Why do pilots have height requirements?

Piloting an aircraft is a demanding job that requires a specific set of skills, training, and physical attributes. One aspect of these physical attributes that often raises questions is the height requirement. Many aspiring pilots wonder if their height might…

An explanation of airline pilot schedules and rostering codes

Airline pilot schedules

What’s the reality behind a pilot’s work schedule? Do airline pilots have a dream job with an envious work-life balance? Or are airline rosters a hard slog with endless jet lag? Today, we’re going to demystify these schedules by breaking…

How many checkrides can pilots fail in their careers?

How many check-rides can you fail?

If you don’t like exams, being a pilot is unfortunately not for you! The path to becoming a commercial pilot is a challenging one, fraught with rigorous training, high-stakes examinations, and the inevitable possibility of failure. Aside from aptitude tests,…

Clean shaven pilot with short haircut and bald pilot with beard

Can pilots have long hair?

Can pilots have long hair? Having covered pilot’s stripes, uniform standards, and even beards — there is still one question we keep getting asked! “Do airline pilots have to have short hair?” So, in this article, we’ll provide an overview…

A look at what safety pilots are, and the job they perform

What is a safety pilot?

A safety pilot is a certified pilot who accompanies another pilot during flight operations, often for training purposes. This may be as a third pilot in the cockpit — in addition to an instructor pilot — or in less complex…

A list of pilot jobs where pilots are home in their own bed every night

Pilot jobs where you are home every night

The role of a commercial pilot naturally attracts people who love the idea of travel. Yet, constant timezone changes, alongside nights away from home can take a toll on your health, and not to mention, your relationship. Living out of…

A look at lightning versus aircraft and what happens if an aircraft is struck

Lightning VS Aircraft

Here at Flyingbynumbers, “What happens when a plane gets hit by lightning?” alongside, “Is lightning dangerous for aircraft?” Are two of our most user requested questions… And for a good reason. We appreciate when you’re happily cruising along watching an…