Airline pilot in front of commercial aircraft

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When will pilots no longer be needed?

at look at when pilots will no longer be needed in commercial aviation

When it comes to the future of airline pilots, there appears to be a disconnect between opinion and reality. This is likely due, in part, to the rise of autonomous technology in other industries. Another part is a lack of…

Do you need 20-20 vision to be a pilot?

Do you need 20-20 vision to be a pilot by flyingbynumbers

Do you require 20-20 vision to be a pilot? Many people assume you require excellent natural vision to be a pilot, and this used to be true. But, aviation rules are continuously changing, and are no longer as strict. There…

The ultimate guide to pilot stripes

The ultimate guide to airline pilot stripes by flyingbynumbers

When you board an airplane and see a pilot walking down the aisle, what do the different numbers of stripes on his or her uniform indicate? Do these stripes represent rank, years of experience, or some other criteria? In this…

Airline pilot dress code

A casual airline pilot dress code, showing a floatplane pilot wearing a pilot uniform with shorts

Looks matter! Uniforms are used by many professions to stand out from the crowd. While airlines require their staff to wear uniforms for branding, they also signal to the public the wearers additional training, and help convey a sense of…

Do airline pilots listen to music whilst flying?

Do pilots listen to music in their headsets

Perhaps because they are prominently pictured with headphones on, pilots frequently get asked if they can listen to the music while they are flying. Many websites, forums, and Quora answers quote a widely shared view that because airline regulations don’t…

Welcome PA’s — What do pilots say before takeoff?

Airline pilot making pre takeoff announcement to passengers

Before takeoff, the pilots will normally make an announcement to the passengers to welcome them onboard, and brief them on the flight details. It’s such an important part of the flight, United Airlines even based an advert around it. Typically,…