Airline pilot in front of commercial aircraft

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How do airline pilots park planes?

Parked commercial aircraft with chocks

With modern aircraft continuing to increase in size, and weighing hundreds of tons — unlike your car — parking an aircraft is not as simple as pulling into a spot and turning off the engine. The largest passenger aircraft in…

Do pilots still land planes manually?

Airline pilots performing a manual landing

This is one of the most common questions any commercial airline pilot receives from both passengers and friends — do you manually land the aircraft? The answer is a resounding yes. Pilots typically always manually land an aircraft when possible.…

Do airline pilots get vacation?

A look at if commercial airline pilots get paid vacations to

Rightly or wrongly, when most people think of an airline pilot’s life, they think it is one permanent vacation! The rise of instagram pilots — who seemingly sit on a beach 24/7 — showcase a working environment that’s one big…

Is being an airline pilot boring?

Do commercial airline pilots get bored at work?

The job of an airline pilot gets mixed reviews! On the one hand, there are plenty of movies, TV series and articles written about heroic aviators wrestling the controls and saving the day. Equally, there are plenty of articles bemoaning…